1. Possession of the hall will be given on the previous day at 7pm and valid up to next day till 5 pm for Wedding.
  2. While booking the hall, full amount of Hall rent to be paid in advance by cash I Cheque I Card / Online transfer.
  3. Balance amount to be paid within 20 days prior to program scheduled.
  4. No refund claim will be entertained for the amount paid at the time of booking.
  5. Booking date once fixed / confirmed will not be changed.
  6. In case of any cancellation; 75 % of the booking amount will be refunded after the booked date only if we get advance payment for alternative confirmed booing in the same said date.
  7. Services from outside contractor will not be entertained.
  8. Besides offering catering services, additional services like decoration / flower decoration lighting in the premises will be provided at reasonable rate by Rajyog Banquets management only.
  9. Fireworks request will not be entertained in and around hall. Organizers cannot pressurize hall management for seeking permission. If by any chance firecrackers are burst fine of  Rs  25 00/- to be paid by the organizers .
  10. Two responsible people from organizers have to visit banquet office 20 days prior to the function to finalize the menu & available services that are acceptable.
  11. After finalization of menu / decoration etc. no changes will be allowed before 10 days of the event.
  12. One responsible organizer will be in connect with our manager to review the facilities provided and to approve any changes done.
  13. Use of loud speaker is strictly not allowed after 1O pm In and around the premises.
  14. Valuables should be kept in the lockers provided. The rooms and bags should be locked by the organizers. Hall management will not be responsible for loss of any valuables.
  15. Consuming Non-Veg food / alcohol / Smoking / chewing of tobacco and gutkha is prohibited in and around the premises .
  16. No Rajyog staff to be utilzed for personal work.
  17. It is essential to register the marriage. Registration form will be available in corporation ward office.
  18. Balance payment and charges of additional services should be paid before handing over the premises to the management. lf there is any delay, additional 5% of the bill amount will be charged extra.
  19. Management reserves all rights to add / alter / change the rules and charges at any time without prior notice.
  20. Food not to be wasted. Balance food will not be parceled.
  21. For Small Events Booking Amount
  22. Any rules and regulation implemented by the government or any authorities will be binding on the organizer and are subject to Pune Jurisdiction only.
  23. Any loss / damages towards the property will be recovered from the organizer as per the market price.
  24. Organizer has to follow the timings given to all respective vendors as well as Hall to avoid extra charges.
  25. Party has to arrange their own people for Akshta Distribution.
  26. We always offer our best services and seek your cooperation to make the event successful . Your suggestions are always welcome.
  27. Organizer should agree and sign the terms and condition sheet at the time of booking and abide the rules and regulations.